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SourceView is a standalone source code viewer and basic editor. It has searching and syntax highlighting capabilities for many common file formats that are used by software developers.

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Bullet Point Item Syntax highlighting for the following file types:

C/C++ - *.c, *.cpp, *.h, *.hpp, *.stl, *.cc
Pascal - *.pas, *.dpr, *.dpk, *.inc
Delphi/BCB Forms - *.dfm, *.xfm
Initialization Files - *.ini
Java - *.java
Perl - *.pl, *.pm, *.cgi
PHP - *.php, *.php3, *.phtml, *.inc
x86 Assembly - *.asm
XML - *.xml, *.xsd, *.xsl, *.xslt, *.dtd
C# - *.cs
CSS - *.css
HTML - *.htm, *.html
Javascript - *.js
VBScript - *.vbs
VB - *.vb
Ruby - *.rb, *.rbw
Python - *.py

Bullet Point Item Works under Win9x/Me and NT/2000/XP


SourceView v1.0.0.17 (Beta) (765,469 bytes)

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