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Borland Makefiles and Libraries

The following makefiles and precompiled binaries are for using various libraries under Borland C++ compilers.

Borland ATL

These are the include files needed for using ATL in C++Builder XE and later.

Starting with C++Builder XE, Embarcadero no longer includes ATL files in C++Builder installations, because Microsoft no longer licenses older ATL versions, and newer ATL versions rely on Microsoft-specific compiler extensions that are not implemented in C++Builder compilers. ATL has been replaced with a new Delphi-based ActiveX/COM framework named DAX. However, C++Builder still supports ATL-based development if an older ATL version is manually copied from an earlier C++Builder version.

More information is available on Embarcadero's Document Wiki: C++Builder Uses DAX for ActiveX and COM

C++Builder ATL Include Files (323,808 bytes)

The following files are provided as-is, free-of-charge, by Darko Miletic, and are distributed by Lebeau Software with Darko's permission. Any questions and/or comments regarding these files should be directed to Darko.

Note: Many of the libraries that were previously hosted on this page are now included as part of the Borland Platform SDK. You can get updates to them from there.


This is a makefile for compiling the MSN API library (msgrguid.lib).

The headers and documentation can be found at

MSN API Lib Makefile (2,457 bytes)

MS Reader 1.5 SDK

This is a makefile for compiling the MS Reader 1.5 SDK library (litgen.lib) under Borland C++ and Delphi compilers.

MS Reader 1.5 API Lib Makefile (4,193 bytes)

Universal PnP

This is a makefile for building the Universal Plug-n-Play library (upnp.lib).

This download includes a precompiled copy of the library.

Universal Plug-n-Play Lib Makefile (4,292 bytes)

String-Safe Functions

This is a makefile for building the Microsoft String-Safe functions library (strsafe.lib).

Poor buffer handling is implicated in many security issues that involve buffer overruns. The functions defined in Strsafe.h provide additional processing for proper buffer handling in your code. For this reason, they are intended to replace their built-in C/C++ counterparts as well as specific Microsoft Windows implementations. Strsafe.h may be obtained by downloading the Windows Core software development kit (SDK) from the SDK Update Site.

There is no precompiled copy of the library since the strsafe.h header file may vary depending on the version of the Platform SDK used.

StrSafe Lib Makefile (3,097 bytes)

Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure SDK

This is a makefile for building Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure SDK (p2p.lib and p2pgraph.lib).

Peer-to-peer technologies are used to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration across distributed networks. In the peer-to-peer model, without using Internet servers, each PC user can do the following:

Bullet Point Item Exchange data
Bullet Point Item Share resources
Bullet Point Item Locate other users
Bullet Point Item Communicate
Bullet Point Item Collaborate directly in real time

By using peer-to-peer technologies, applications that coordinate the use of computer CPU cycles and storage can share resources among small or large groups of computers connected to the Internet.

This download includes a precompiled copy of the library.

Peer to Peer Infrastructure Lib Makefile (4,226 bytes)

OpenGL Auxiliary Library

This is a makefile for building the OpenGL auxiliary library (glaux.lib).

The auxiliary library is a collection of routines used by the sample programs listed in the OpenGL Programming Guide (called the "Red Book" by the people in the know). The auxiliary library was written to get something on the screen with as few lines of code as possible. The source code to the auxiliary library is included with the Microsoft Platform SDK (at least older editions).

Download the Platform SDK Build Kit from above in order to build this library.

This download includes a precompiled copy of the library.

OpenGL Auxiliary Lib Makefile (81,691 bytes)

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