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ICQLaunch is a utility program that allows users with multiple ICQ accounts registered on their machines to create Start Menu and/or Desktop shortcuts which can specify which account to load into ICQ, regardless of which account was last opened. This saves the user the trouble of having to use the "Change Active User" menu to change between accounts after ICQ is loaded all the time.

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Bullet Point Item Allow the user to load any ICQ account, via Start Menu/Desktop/QuickLaunch shortcuts, that they have registered and are present on their machine
Bullet Point Item Allow the user to load the above account in any specific ICQ status, regardless of the status when ICQ last closed
Bullet Point Item Disable the ICQ splash screen upon launching an account
Bullet Point Item Ability to either shut down ICQ before launching the account or to open the account in a new ICQ window, allowing for running multiple ICQ windows at the same time, each with a different account.
Bullet Point Item Ability to simply change current online status directly if ICQ account is already running.
Bullet Point Item Option to display the ICQ Contacts List when launching an account
Bullet Point Item Keep a running log of all ICQLaunch activity
Bullet Point Item Multi-configuration support, each ICQ account can have it's own settings which can be different from other accounts.
Bullet Point Item Shortcut wizard
Bullet Point Item Works under Win95/98/Me and NT/2000/XP

New in this Release

Bullet Point Item Bug fix for ICQ 2003a support that wasn't correctly changing the online status of an ICQ account.
Bullet Point Item Support implemented for ICQ 2003b.


ICQLaunch v1.0.1.20 (439,536 bytes)

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