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ICQ Chat Player

ICQ Chat Player is a utility program that allows users to view ICQ .cht files directly.

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Note: Some features are not complete yet, and there may be some bugs. If you encounter any problems, please contact Lebeau Software with a bug report.


Bullet Point Item Allow the user to view chat sessions stored in .cht files
Bullet Point Item Support for viewing chats in Split, Horizontal, Vertical, or IRC modes
Bullet Point Item Support for emotes/smileys/actions, text formatting, background colors
Bullet Point Item Works under Win95/98/Me and NT/2000/XP

New in this Release

Bullet Point Item Support for exporting chats to text files.

Known Problems

emote/smiley/action image support incomplete. Images are temporarily displayed as [Name] instead.
visual typing speeds are simulated for visual effect only. Real-time speeds that are stored in the .cht file have not been figured out as to how they work exactly yet.

Beta Version

ICQ Chat Player v1.0.0.3 is now in beta testing. This release adds support for Chat Sessions which span multiple files.


ICQ Chat Player v1.0.0.2 (528,655 bytes)
ICQ Chat Player v1.0.0.3 (Beta) (533,545 bytes)

For interested software developers, I have written my own specification sheet regarding the ICQ .cht file format. You may download it from the file formats page.

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